The History of haleakala ranch

Haleakala Ranch’s history
tells the story of aloha for family, land, community, and tradition.


1888 -

Haleakala Ranch is incorporated in the Kingdom of Hawaii during the reign of King David Kalakaua

1890 -

Henry Perrine Baldwin invests substantially in the ranch; land holdings of 33,817 acres including Haleakala Crater

1896 -

Haleakala Ranch Dairy opens making local dairy products available on Maui

1898 -

Louis von Tempsky named Ranch manager

1900 -

Ranch manager Louis von Tempsky starts polo on Maui

1905 -

10,000 trees planted including Eucalyptus, Monterey cypress and more; control project implemented for the invasive plant Lantana camara

1906 -

Haleakala Ranch voluntarily fences 7,000 acres at Waikamoi as forest reserve to preserve rainfall patterns and protect watershed

1909 -

Ralph Hosmer and Haleakala Ranch make intstall experimental timber tree plantings, including Hosmer’s Grove, that survives today

1911 -

Harry A. Baldwin is named Ranch president

1916 -

Ranch Manager Louis von Tempsky retires and is succeeded by Samuel A. Baldwin

1924 -

Haleakala Ranch starts to grow pineapple for California Packing Company (later called Del Monte)

1925 -

Ranch ownership is consolidated to brothers, Samuel and Harry Baldwin

1927 -

Territory of Hawaiii acquires Haleakala Crater acreage from the Ranch to create Haleakala National Park in exchange for land in Kamaole and Kihei

1929 -

Pineapple operations are spun off to Maui Pineapple Co.; experimental cashew and pecan trees planted

1934 -

Manduke Baldwin named Ranch manager

1946 -

Samuel A. Baldwin becomes Ranch president after death of Harry A. Baldwin

1950 -

J. Walter Cameron becomes Ranch president after death of Samuel A. Baldwin

1957 -

After consulting pasture management specialists, Manduke Baldwin launches grass planting project

1965 -

Ranch and Dairy operations separate; the Ranch donates land in Keokea for a park to honor Chinese revolutionary Dr. Sun Yat-Sen

1968 -

Manduke Baldwin becomes President and pasture management specialists implement clover planting

1970 -

Ranch suffers cattle losses due to extended drought conditions throught the early 70s

1976 -

Manduke Baldwin retires as Ranch president and is succeeded by his son, Peter D. Baldwin

1980 -

The Ranch places 5,000 acres of native forest watershed in Waiakamoi into perpetual conservation easement to be managed by The Nature Conservancy; Ranch becomes a partner in the Maui Research & Technology Park in Kihei 

1988 -

Haleakala Ranch celebrates its centennial anniversary and Pony Express horseback tours start operations on Ranch lands

1989 -

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park is dedicated in celebration of his birthday

1991 -

Haleakala Ranch joins East Maui Watershed Partnership to protect 100,000 acres of forest habitat and Hawaii’s largest single source of water 

2000 -

Peter Baldwin retires as Ranch president and is succeeded by Willard “Buzz” Stluka, the company’s first president from outside of the Baldwin family

2002 -

Haleakala Ranch becomes a member of Maui Cattle Company, LLC; Skyline-Eco Adventures opens the nation’s first zipline tour

2003 -

The Ranch joins Leeward Watershed Partnership to help protect 43,000 acres of land from Makawao through Ulupalakua to Kaupo

2006 -

Don Young succeeds Willard “Buzz” Stluka as Ranch president; an expanded multi-species grazing program including goats, sheep and cattle is implemented to promote healthy, diverse forage and to manage invasive plant species.

2013 -

Haleakala Ranch celebrates its 125th Anniversary with planting of native Hawaiian plants in a Commemorative Grove