Celebrating 125 years of ranching on maui

Haleakala Ranch is primarily situated on the leeward slope of majestic Haleakala. Our lands encompass nearly 30,000 acres rising from the southern shoreline to the beautiful heart of Upcountry Maui.

Incorporated in 1888, five generations of Haleakala Ranch families and employees have worked hard to preserve the open, natural vistas of Upcountry Maui for the benefit of current and future generations. As one of the island’s large landowners, we are deeply committed to stewardship of Maui’s water, land and other natural resources.


Our passion is ranching. Our pastures support more than 1,100 breeding cows, 2,000 nanny goats and 350 ewes. As partners in Maui Cattle Company, we supply our community with healthy, natural grass-fed beef. We practice holistic grazing management to control invasive species.

As part of our economic diversification efforts, the Ranch hosts top quality ecotourism activities such as Skyline Eco-Adventures, Pony Express Tours, and Maui Lavender & Botanicals. Local producers also call the Ranch their home, including Maui Floral Protea and Tropical Flower Farm, Maui Nui Farm & Farmers Market, and Haleakala Distillers.

Looking to Maui’s future, Haleakala Ranch is currently evaluating renewable energy as a new land-use to complement ongoing agricultural operations.