Land Stewardship

Ranching as a Conservation Strategy

Since incorporating in 1888, Haleakala Ranch Company has played a key role in progressive land management and conservation on Maui.

Isolated island ecosystems like Hawaii are particularly vulnerable to damage by a range of invasive, non-native plants and animals. To address these serious threats to our environment, Haleakala Ranch has developed a comprehensive invasive species management plan that includes chemical, mechanical and grazing strategies to manage noxious weeds such as Gorse and Fireweed as well as fencing and management programs to curb the damage caused by feral goats, pigs and deer.

As part of the Ranch’s heritage commitment to stewardship, the Waikamoi Preserve became a reality in 1983 when we conveyed perpetual land management rights to The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii to protect some of Maui’s best remaining native forests. This 5,230-acre sanctuary is home to hundreds of endemic species of plants, forest birds and invertebrates – many of which are considered endangered.


The Ranch is also a key partner in the East Maui Watershed Partnership, a regional collaboration of landowners and government agencies that collectively manages and protects approximately 114,000 acres of windward forest habitat. This critical watershed is Hawaii’s largest single water source, producing 60 billion gallons per year. The Ranch is also a partner in the Leeward Haleakala Restoration Partnership, which similarly protects over 43,000 acres of high elevation forest and shrubland.

Additionally, Haleakala Ranch has implemented or accommodated a wide range of conservation initiatives including comprehensive watershed planning, game fencing, rare plant protection, riparian corridor restoration and native bird propagation facilities with the generous support of partners such as the US Fish & Wildlife Service, Haleakala National Park, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Hawaii Dept of Land and Natural Resources, Hawaii Plant Extinction Protection Program, US Environmental Protection Agency and many others.